Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to create a printable version of recipe in your blog ?

  • Go to Google site :
  • Log in with ur gmail id . Click on the Create Site.

    Go ahead and select ur template and fill in the required details like i have done and click on Create Site.

  • Hurray!! Done... Isnt it v easy...
  • Just few more steps away...  Now click on Create Page on the top right hand side. 
  • Give a name for ur page : eg : Green Chutney like I have created and just go about duplicating ur recipe from ur blog. Decorate it however u like and click on Save.
  • Copy the url from the address bar and use it to create a link in your blog , where you want to add Printable recipe.
  • Preview ur blogger page to check if u are getting the right thing.. and just go ahead and publish it.
  • Now ur readers can enjoy a printable version of  your lovely space.