Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to add A FAV ICON to your Blog/Website?

FAV ICON are the lil icon you see next to Address Bar. It gives your website/Blog an Identity. A pictorial reprentation for your space.

Simple ... just a few steps .

  • Create a picture/symbol that will potray your blog using your photo software. I have used GIMP software to create my Picture SK representing Sandhya's Kitchen of size 100px * 100 px.
  • Use the following online converter software to scale it down to 16*16 px .This is the desired size we require to upload for a fav icon. 
  • Using the same software convert the 16 * 16 px jpeg pic into an .Ico pic.
  • Most external picture hosts do not allow us to upload icon files.. Pic Panda ( just makes our work easy.. and uploads icon files too.
    Once uploaded , collect the link

    For eg :

  • Use them in
    <lin href='Fav Icon URL'rel='shortcut icon'/>

    Eg: <link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
  • Backup your HTML codes before venturing out to experiment. Locate the </head> tag in your Edit HTML code. Place this code above the </head> tag and remember to save the file.
  • Enzoy your Newly created Fav ICON ..  Easy to locate in BookMarks