Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to create a printable version of recipe in your blog ?

  • Go to Google site :
  • Log in with ur gmail id . Click on the Create Site.

    Go ahead and select ur template and fill in the required details like i have done and click on Create Site.

  • Hurray!! Done... Isnt it v easy...
  • Just few more steps away...  Now click on Create Page on the top right hand side. 
  • Give a name for ur page : eg : Green Chutney like I have created and just go about duplicating ur recipe from ur blog. Decorate it however u like and click on Save.
  • Copy the url from the address bar and use it to create a link in your blog , where you want to add Printable recipe.
  • Preview ur blogger page to check if u are getting the right thing.. and just go ahead and publish it.
  • Now ur readers can enjoy a printable version of  your lovely space.


  1. Well. I was planning for it too. But we have already disabled right click and thought what is the use in this?

  2. I know.. but disabling right click was for the picture and the content...together.. anyways.. pictures cant b copied... but we all are standing together to boycott playgirism.

    Printable version does help loads of people in India..
    Cant keep switching between laptop and kitchen.. It will help in making our world easier. Why talk about others.. me too.. I refer my own blog whn I m back home..

  3. thats a fantastic idea ! thank u so much sandhya ! will try it on my blog.....

  4. That is informative.
    Bookmarking this as I want to try this later.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post. I was also lookning for a way to print my own:)

  6. Most welcum Lekar & yummy recipes.. .did u manage to try it?

    Haddock -- Were u able to try them?

    Viki -- Glad it helped u...

  7. good one sandhya, though i had from a 3rd party installed on my blog... this is good to be direct from google....

  8. Thank you for this tip! I have been looking for such solution for a long time.. Cheers